Thanks to local volunteers and community partners, in the past nine years Fraser Riverkeeper has cleaned up over 80 tonnes of garbage from Gill and Pegleg bars!

20150127_124834.jpgIn addition, First Nations groups, trail and outdoor enthusiasts, and organizations like the Chilliwack Vedder River Cleanup Society have year after year mobilized thousands of volunteers to help clean up after polluters.

Community clean-ups are inspiring and important, and they will continue. But as many of us are aware, illegal dumping near the Fraser River and other wild spaces in the Valley continues to be a huge problem.

Like you, we want to talk about solutions to pollution, not just clean-ups— and kickstart innovative, effective strategies to head off polluters before they dump. 

Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we created the Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance (FVIDA) in 2015. FVIDA is a group of citizens and businesses dedicated to finding solutions to illegal dumping in the Fraser Valley. Through shoreline cleanups and educational workshops we are working together to activate a community of leaders who will protect and stand-up for the health of our waterways and recreational areas for years to come.


Currently we are working in three different areas to raise awareness, educate the public and reduce illegal dumping along our precious shorelines and in our favourite recreational areas.

1. Education - we have developed directed educational workshops for children, community members and outdoor enthusiasts with a focus on the RAPP hotline and proper reporting procedures if you see someone dumping illegally. You can also click here for some helpful tips on how you can reduce your footprint and keep yourself safe while participating in community clean-ups! Safety first!

2. Signage - Over the summer we posted 5 new informational signs in key areas in the Fraser Valley. You can find them at Gill Road, Rosedale Bar, Old Orchard, Pegleg, Jesperson Boat Launch and along Ballam Road.

3. Reporting Incentives Program - We want to encourage community members to take an active role in protecting our environment by encouraging them to report illegal dumping directly to the RAPP hotline. Starting on October 1st, 2015 everyone in the Fraser Valley who reports an incident of illegal dumping will be entered to win a monthly prize. Learn more about the program here.

There is much more in the works, so please check back soon!

Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance Members:

- City of Chilliwack

- Conservation Officer Service

- Fraser Valley Regional District

- Woodtone

- Fraser Basin Council

- Mission Adopt-A-Block

- Post Creek Community

- Progressive Waste/Rotz Disposal

- Chilliwack Vedder River Cleanup Society

- Fraser Valley Salmon Society

- Fraser Riverkeeper

- Great River Fishing Adventures

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