Staff Bios

Molly_200px.jpgMolly O'Ray

Vancouver Program Manager

Molly O’Ray holds an honours degree in Environment, Sustainability, and Society and International Development Studies from Dalhousie University. She is passionate about conservation science and climate justice from her work with the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council in Alaska, Alouatta Sanctuary and Kalu Yala Institute in Panama, and with the Ancient Forest Alliance in British Columbia. Molly enjoys paddle sports and surfing, is a big fan of aquatic animals, and is excited to be advocating for swimmable, drinkable, fishable water in her community.




Carol_McDonald_200.jpgCaroline McDonald

Office Administrator

Caroline is one of the original founding members of Fraser Riverkeeper, and life partner of her dearly beloved Doug Chapman, the organization’s first Riverkeeper.  Caroline was also one of the first employees at Ecojustice Canada, a non-profit environmental law firm, and has worked for them the past 22 years.  She has four granddaughters, environmental activists in their own right, of whom she is extremely proud.




Board Bios


Mark_Mattson_200.pngMark Mattson

President of Swim Drink Fish Canada

Mark Mattson is the President of Swim Drink Fish Canada. Mark is a litigator with experience in criminal defense, environmental prosecution, and administrative law. Over the past ten years, Mark acted as counsel for environmental and public interest groups in more than 40 hearings and represented clients in both Provincial and Federal courts. In the past, Mark prosecuted environmental offenders for the Province of Ontario and recently acted as co-counsel in the environmental prosecution for private informants.





Krystyn Tully

Vice President of Swim Drink Fish Canada

Krystyn co-founded Lake Ontario Waterkeeper with Mark Mattson in 2001. She also spearheaded the creation of Swim Guide, a mobile app and website that connects people to clean, local beaches as well as Drink Guide, an app that documents drinking water advisories across Canada. These apps are now used by more than 100,000 people in Canada and the USA. Over the course of the last decade, Krystyn helped to organize a wide range of fundraising events grant writing campaigns that helped to raise $2-million for Waterkeeper’s work.




LaurenHornor_200px.jpgLauren Brown Hornor

Riverkeeper and Partnership Lead for Western Canada with Swim Drink Fish Canada

Lauren Brown Hornor has loved water ever since she was a little girl, hunting for shells on the Florida beaches where she grew up. Channeling her love of water, Lauren provided legal support and guidance to Waterkeeper organizations across the country while working at Waterkeeper Alliance (WKA) in New York. Lauren was responsible for the WKA’s Clean Water Act Defense program, and while at the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic, she represented Riverkeepers in various enforcement actions on the Hudson River and in the Catskill Mountains.

After serving as the Executive Director of Fraser Riverkeeper for 10 years, Lauren recently moved to the role of Partnership Lead for Western Canada with Swim Drink Fish Canada. Lauren's commitment to clean water was recognized at the 2016 Waterkeeper Gala in Toronto as one of twelve Swim Drink Fish Ambassadors.






Allan_Connolly_200.jpgDr. Allan Connolly

Psychiatric Physician

For the past 25 years, Dr. Connolly has worked as a psychiatric physician in a public OP clinic working with the chronically mentally ill. He acted as the president of Physicians for Global Survival from 2004-2006. He acted as Canadian International Counselor with International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War from 1998-2004. Dr. Al was also the International VP for North America, IPPNW from 2005-2006. He is a founding member of Canadian Campaign to End UN Sanctions against the People of Iraq.




Tyee_200.jpgTyee Bridge

CEO and Principal, Arclight Media

Born and raised in the Fraser River watershed, Tyee is a environmental journalist and writer. His love of water dates back to floating in the South China Sea as a four-year old, while living with his family in Malaysia. In 2009 he started the Wild Salmon Circle (WSC), a volunteer citizen-action group. In collaboration with scientists, fishermen and First Nations, the WSC helped raise public and political awareness of farmed salmon issues prior to the convening of the Cohen Commission.





Julie200px.jpgJulie Porter

Swimmable Water Specialist

Julie holds an M.Sc. in Ecological Restoration from SFU/BCIT, where she focused on water quality in the Katzie Slough.  Water has always been a large part of her life, either swimming, studying or just simply enjoying it.  Julie has experience working in estuaries and fresh water systems in British Columbia including helping to build fish habitat structures in the Seymour River, and create wetlands in Logan Lake as part of her undergradate degree.  It is her life’s dream to continue to learn about water and to educate our communities on the importance of our glorious resource.




Doug_Chapman_200.jpgDoug Chapman

Founder and Honorary Riverkeeper (In Memoriam) 

Mr. Chapman, FRK’s first Riverkeeper, was a revered prosecutor of polluters and in his lifetime one of Canada’s most significant environmental advocates. His successes included obtaining the first Canadian jail sentence for a polluter (George Crowe). In 1993 he commenced his association with the Sierra Legal Defence Fund (SLDF) working in Vancouver and in Toronto as an environmental investigator and private prosecutor. He directed the gathering of evidence and the preparation of prosecution briefs in 14 private environmental prosecutions in British Columbia and Ontario.

For over 40 years Mr. Chapman was the captain or navigator on sailing and motor vessels making passages across the Great Lakes, the Mosel, Rhine and Rhone rivers in Europe, the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He also fished commercially on the British Columbia Pacific coast for four years as captain of a 37-foot wooden salmon troller.




Swim Drink Fish Ambassadors


Bruce Langereis

Britt Standen

Dave Bidini

David Suzuki

Denise Donlon

Edward Burtynsky

Gail Percy Davis

Gord Downie (Honourary)

Jennifer Baichwal

Karen Percy Lowe

Kenneth Irving

Kevin Lowe

Lauren Brown Hornor

Loren King

Madhu Nagaraja

Marilyn Bell

Nora Osbaldeston

Nicholas de Pencier

Sarah Harmer

Shari Austin

Stephen Ranger

Tasha Irving

Tanis Rideout

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