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Fraser Riverkeeper, in partnership with Swim Drink Fish Canada, is seeking a Water Literacy Coordinator for a part-time contract to help run and expand an education and community engagement program in the Fraser Valley.

This position is a perfect opportunity for someone passionate about protecting Fraser River-area waters and eager to engage with the community. We are looking for a motivated individual with knowledge of basic water literacy concepts (watershed, water quality, threats to the watershed, swimming and boat access locations, plants and animals in the watershed, etc.) and excellent communications and organization skills.

The Water Literacy Coordinator will work with the Swim Drink Fish Canada teams (based in Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton) to 1) deliver online and in-person educational messages, workshop presentations, and resources that will help Fraser Valley-area residents better understand the watershed they live in, 2) plan and execute our 11th annual Fraser River Clean Up with local partners and 3) coordinate and attend quarterly FVIDA community meetings. Ultimately, the Coordinator will help to inspire thousands of people in the Fraser Valley to become stewards of swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters.

Responsibilities and Project Timeline

You will oversee the organization’s Water Literacy program in Fraser Valley on a part-time basis, including:

In Stage 1 (November): The Coordinator will review, modify and refine existing water literacy presentations that describe the watershed of the Fraser River, its environmental and social history, its current uses, its ecological health and current issues of interest to the public. Using available resources, the Manager will familiarize themselves with the swimmability, drinkability, and fishability of the region. The Manager will book presentations for the spring school term at schools and recreational water groups around the Fraser Valley area, and attend the fall FVIDA meeting with Fraser Riverkeeper staff (early November).

In Stage 2 (November- late March): The Coordinator will deliver the water literacy presentations to school groups and community organizations. During this stage, the Coordinator will collect and upload water stories for Watermark Project ( work with local community groups to plan the Spring Fraser River Cleanup.

In Stage 3 (early April-mid May): The Fraser River Cleanup will take place in Chilliwack. The Coordinator will familiarize themselves with swimming, fishing and recreational water access points in the Fraser Valley area and update Swim Guide locations and monitoring information for the 2017 summer season (

In Stage 4 (mid-May – June), the Coordinator will begin regular Swim Guide updates as Fraser Valley regions come online for the summer. The Coordinator will utilize a water literacy presentation that describes the Fraser River watershed, its environmental and social history, its current uses, its ecological health, and current issues of interest to the public.

In Stage 5 (July – August), the Coordinator will recruit volunteers to assist in outreach events, build the collection of Watermark stories in the Vancouver community and Fraser Valley Region. The coordinator will creatively utilize Swim Guide to explore outreach opportunities and increase Swim Guide usership while also working to recruit new sponsors and affiliates from within Fraser Valley Region. During this stage, the Coordinator will begin booking water literacy presentations for the fall.

In Stage 6, the Coordinator will report on the project’s impact and develop a strategy and recommendations for the next phase of the project.

Throughout the project, the Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining and keeping to the designated budget of several campaigns and programs. They will also be tasked with updating the Fraser Riverkeeper website as needed as well as curating and publishing Watermarks to the Watermark Project website (

Additionally, the coordinator will be expected to write a blog each month on topics relating to recreational water quality in Fraser Valley and assist with Fraser Riverkeeper’s social media presence as it relates to the Fraser Valley water issues.

Required skills and experience

  • Have a strong understanding of BC’s ecosystems with an emphasis on Vancouver’s surrounding waters (knowledge of other major Canadian watersheds is also an asset)
  • Enjoy spending time on the water and be able to act as an ambassador for an active, water-friendly lifestyle
  • Be familiar with WordPress, know how to post and edit content
  • Have some experience engaging the community through social media
  • Be detail-oriented, able to organize information and content
  • Have strong professional communications skills, capable of handling outreach to school organizations, media, board members, and other constituents
  • Abilities in digital media, graphic design or experience with Adobe Creative Suite is a plus, but not required
  • Have a background in education or experience leading small groups/ teams
  • Have at least one year’s work experience in a nonprofit or educational setting

Position Details

This is a part-time, contract position in Fraser Valley, in the Chilliwack area. The position is open now, and applications will be reviewed as they arrive.

Salary range of $11,000-$15,000 depending on experience.


Please send a cover letter and resume ASAP to:
Lauren Hornor

In your cover letter, please state clearly why you believe you are a great candidate for this position and why you want to work for Fraser Riverkeeper. Note: Cover letters are very important to us.

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