By Julia Pepler

Six new ambassadors joined the Swim Drink Fish family in September at our Swim Drink Fish Gala Vancouver 2019. The “Swim Drink Fish Ambassadors” were formally recognized and welcomed to the circle by two of our previous ambassadors, Kevin Lowe and Karen Percy Lowe. We are grateful for their work and dedication to our natural world and we are excited to celebrate them.

A Swim Drink Fish Ambassador is someone who creates, supports, or brings to life the tools that we use every single day to fight for a future where everyone can access clean water for swimming, drinking, and fishing. Our work is made possible by the growing number of Swim Drink Fish community members, a network of Canadians who are working to protect their local waters. These local leaders actively use their watersheds, promote water literacy, report threats to swimmable, drinkable, fishable water, host community events, participate in decision-making, and volunteer their time.

Pete Mattson, Blair McKeil, Janet York, Matthew Hornor, Lori Kay, and Rosalind Adnani were honoured with the Ambassador’s pins and recognized for their contributions to a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future.

With this addition, our movement benefits from a fantastic group of 37 ambassadors across Canada. These water leaders promote water literacy and watershed awareness, kick-start education and protection programs in their areas, and connect ordinary Canadians to the Swim Drink Fish community.

These six individuals have supported the Swim Drink Fish movement, generously committing their time and energy to promote our initiatives. It is with the efforts of Pete, Blair, Janet, Matthew, Lori, and Rosalind that we are able to grow our movement, expand our efforts, and work even harder for a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future. These Ambassadors represent a community of leaders willing to step up year after year to support our diverse programs. We wouldn’t be able to run our Water Monitoring Program, share our Water Literacy Workshops, or update beach and water quality information on Swim Guide without their ongoing support.

We are thrilled to welcome these six change-makers into the Ambassador’s circle. These spokespeople inspire communities of people to join the Swim Drink Fish movement and become protectors of local waters. Learn how you can get involved as a volunteer citizen scientist ensuring that all Canadians can safely swim, drink, and fish for generations to come.


Pinning Ceremony at the 2019 Swim Drink Fish Gala

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