Spring has finally started to poke its head out as the days get longer and warmer. Some of the best spots to enjoy BC's sparkling waters are thriving in the springtime. So grab a few cozy layers, sturdy shoes, some snacks and head out for an adventure! If you're at a loss of where to start, here are six ways you can get out on the water near Vancouver this spring.

1. Go for a walk around Burnaby Lake

Image: Allen Tung

Not only is this a gorgeous spot to go for a walk—it's accessible by public transit! The Skytrain will take you there from anywhere in the network.

A winding path will allow you to walk around the 3.11 km² of the park on picturesque boardwalks, through tall reeds, and around the lake. If you look close you might see some buds starting to blossom and bloom in the coming weeks.

With a diverse array of flora and fauna, you’re sure to see something you won't forget. Burnaby Lake is a great way for people of all abilities to get into nature and experience a calming escape from the busy city.

2. Join us at the 12th Annual Fraser River Cleanup, Chilliwack

This Saturday, on March 23rd, Fraser Riverkeeper and Woodtone are hosting the 12th Annual Fraser River Cleanup. Get a group of friends, family, or co-workers together and meet us at the end of Gill Road in Chilliwack, to pitch in and clean up the banks of the Fraser River.

Come from 10am-1pm, sign in, grab a bag and bring your findings to a team that will sort the garbage, recyclables, and miscellaneous items found throughout the area. This event will be a great way to get outside and breathe in some fresh air while giving back to the Fraser River, which spans more than 1000 km and supports a vast ecosystem that is home to thousands of species.

We’ll be there rain or shine and hope you can make it out!


3. Polar bear plunge anyone?

There's always a great spot for a polar bear dip in Vancouver. With so many great beaches available year-round, going for a chilly swim can be the perfect way to reconnect with the crisp glacier waters that flow into the ocean.

Whether you want a city-central swimming spot, such as Jericho Beach or Third Beach, or something a little off the beaten track, Cultus Lake or Alouette Lake, for example, there are plenty of spots to dive in.

Be sure to bring lots of warm layers, and some friends or family to wrap you up when you're done!

4. Kayak in Deep Cove

Image: Deep Cove Kayak

Though you'll need a bit more preparation for this time of year than a summer-time paddle calls for, getting out on the water in the spring will guarantee a quieter, more peaceful adventure. If you have your own gear, dust it off and start your kayak season early! But if you don't have your own set-up, Deep Cove Kayak Rentals is open March-October.

Explore Indian Arm from water level and gain a new appreciation for the active coastal ecosystem. You can head out alone, or grab a double-kayak and enjoy the water with a friend. And as always, be sure to bring your layers, a warm drink, and your keen spirit.

5. Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

Igor Solar

Image: Igor Solar

This is another great way to experience the power of BC's waters. Well-marked trails and suspension bridges at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park will allow you to explore the lush forest and rushing waters that flow crystal-clear into the Pacific Ocean.

With trails winding down to the water's edge, you can dip your toes in and feel how incredibly cold the glacier-fed river can be. There are also many pathways throughout the surrounding forest, with varying difficulties—there's something for everyone!

6. Up for a day trip? Try Bowen Island!

Image: Helena Cox and Paul Charman

Image: Helena Cox and Paul Charman

A short 20-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay, Bowen Island is a gem that's often forgotten. You can take public transit from downtown to Horseshoe Bay, or bring a car but, either way, this is a great get-away. With a hike around Killarney Lake, walking distance from the Bowen Island ferry terminal, classic coastal beaches such as Cates Bay Beach, and perfect sunset spots like Cape Roger Curtis Lighthouse, there is plenty of exploration to be had.

The town has spots to grab a bite and check out the local crafts and a relaxed pace that's sure to refresh you. Though the ferries require a bit more planning, there's so much to take in year-round on Bowen Island.


This short list only touches on a few of the many adventures to be had out by the water this spring. With the days getting longer and longer we hope you get to enjoy the water in your own way. Share your adventures with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #swimdrinkfish or #mywatermark.

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