Fraser Riverkeeper, an initiative of Swim Drink Fish, is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Fraser River and its watershed—our encompassing mission is to ensure the right of all citizens to safely swim, drink, and fish in BC waters.

We believe the best way to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable water is to build a network of water guardians, people who are connected to their waters, connected to each other, and active in community life.


Early Days

Fraser Riverkeeper was founded in 2007 by the late Doug Chapman, a renowned environmental lawyer and seasoned prosecutor of environmental crime. When Doug launched Fraser Riverkeeper, he vowed that the organization would be a vigilant protector and defender of the river and its surrounding waters including the Georgia Strait, Howe Sound and Burrard Inlet.


Stronger Together

In December 2017, Fraser Riverkeeper officially joined Swim Drink Fish Canada to combine efforts in our shared mission to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters for all.

Swim Drink Fish is a registered Canadian charity established in 2001. Today, we represent a movement of nearly 4 million people in communities where access to clean water is threatened. We teach water literacy, support grassroots efforts to combat beach closures, drinking water threats, and disappearing habitat. We also aim to ensure that everyone has access to clean water for swimming, drinking, and fishing.


Projects & Programs

Our flagship projects inspire people to know and safeguard their local waters using citizen science and communications technology. We work closely with other local Waterkeepers across Canada, including Fraser Riverkeeper, North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper, and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, to implement a variety of programs to archive and share stories, data, and evidence collected by these communities.


We use scientific protocols to monitor recreational water quality, supplement the data provided by local health authorities, and ensure the public has access to water quality information year-round.


We give free water literacy presentations to schools, community groups, and local organizations to educate them about the importance of keeping our waters swimmable, drinkable, and fishable.


With the Watermark Project, we're on a mission to collect a story from every Canadian to demonstrate the importance of keeping local waters clean for generations to come.


We harness technology to create a network of people on Swim Guide who want access to water quality information and get involved as citizen scientists.




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