Help keep BC's water swimmable, drinkable, and fishable.

The average British Columbian doesn't know where they get their drinking water from, how their waste water is treated, or the laws that protect their waters. They are also unaware of the ways that they can make a tangible difference. By providing the public with the education, applied training and digital tools to conserve, protect and advocate for water, we directly address this knowledge gap and foster what we call "water literacy."


Our Program:

  • Water Literacy workshops for community members and classrooms. We provide interactive and engaging discussions catered to your specific interests. Whether you have rivulets or oceans of water knowledge, all are welcome rediscover their connection to local waterbodies. Example topics: Agriculture and water, recreational water quality, waste water treatment in your community, local critters in your watershed, and how to protect and conserve drinking water.

  • Water quality testing training and local beach clean-ups. We believe that people gain a sense of pride and obligation towards their local waters when they are directly involved in their protection. Participants will learn how to test for E. coli and other indicators of water quality at recreational beaches and waterways that currently lack regular reporting.
  • Watermark Project - Every Canadian has a story – a Watermark – that connects them to a waterbody, and it provides them with another reason to protect it. In addition to being a powerful reminder of your connection to water, it also records and archives important information that can be used to protect water from future threats. Each Watermark is a ripple in a project intended to keep Canada a place where everyone and everything can safely swim, drink, and fish. 

    Through the Watermark Project, we aim to build a force strong enough to cause a shift in our water culture so that Canadians reconnect with their waters and take action.

  • Swim Drink Fish Community - the Swim Guide App monitors the water quality of over 7,000 beaches in North America, the Baja Peninsula and New Zealand and has kept 1,000,000 people safe from polluted waters. Join the Swim Drink Fish community and swim safe!

Inquiries and to book a free Water Literacy workshop:

info@fraserriverkeeper.ca | 604.674.7444



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