Can saltwater freeze?

Jan 14, 2020

By Julia Pepler

Growing up in Ontario, I’ve always thought freshwater lakes freeze and oceans don’t. But in this recent cold snap in Vancouver, I’ve noticed a thin layer of ice in False Creek...a salty inlet. So what’s the deal?

Watermark: The Crystalline Waters of Skeleton Lake

Jan 8, 2020

Watermark by Katie Moore

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep connection to water. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that sparked my love for the water because it has been deeply ingrained in my life since I was young. But thinking back to my childhood, I suppose my love for the water all began from visiting our family friends’ cottage every summer on Skeleton Lake in the Muskoka region of Ontario.

3 Resolutions You Can Make to Protect Our Waters

Jan 3, 2020

By Julia Pepler

A new year and new decade bring reflection, new beginnings, and for many, resolutions. Beyond making resolutions for our health and our communities, we’ve come up with three simple changes you can make to help protect our waters.

What 2019 Taught Us About Our Waters

Dec 18, 2019

This was a big year for Fraser Riverkeeper. We expanded our water monitoring program, co-hosted a Fraser River cleanup, cheered on Lauren Hornor as she was honoured with the 2019 YWCA Women of Distinction Award, and held our biggest fundraising gala to-date.

The Confluence of These Two Rivers Transforms into an Eagle Haven

Dec 11, 2019

By Julia Pepler

Last Friday, the Fraser Riverkeeper team left our cozy office, pulled on some warm layers, and headed to the confluence of the Fraser and Harrison rivers. We were off on an adventure to reconnect with these powerful waters.

Why We Monitor Vancouver’s Waters During the Coldest Months of the Year

Dec 5, 2019

By Julia Pepler

Months after hot summer days at the beach have come to an end, Vancouver Water Monitoring Coordinator, Katie Moore, and our team of volunteers continue to head out on Thursday mornings to monitor the recreational water quality in Vancouver’s False Creek. But why do we sample year-round, through the coldest months of the year? 

How Restoration Projects Provide Hope for the Fraser River

Nov 28, 2019

By Katie Moore

If you are anything like me you may sometimes feel overwhelmed and somewhat pessimistic about the current trajectory of the world and our environment. Personally, when I read the recent reports by The UN stating that we have 11 years left to prevent irreversible climate change1, and the findings on the accelerating rate of global biodiversity loss2 I feel an increasing sense of “climate anxiety.”

I Spent 24 Hours Restricting My Water Use

Nov 21, 2019

By Julia Pepler

I grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario. In my years in there, and now in Vancouver, I have never had to think twice about how to access clean, fresh water. Especially here in Vancouver, where it rains on average 169 days in the year, I sometimes catch myself mindlessly using far more water than necessary. I’ve been guilty of thinking that exact thought, “It poured all day today, I’m not doing any harm by showering an extra 5 minutes...right?”

A Year of Helping Hands

Nov 14, 2019

By Julia Pepler

At Swim Drink Fish, we are on a mission to connect people to water. We know that when people are connected to their local waters, they are more likely to step forward and protect them. We seek to connect people of all walks of life to the waters that flow through their communities, have left an impact on their lives, and support complex ecosystems. As we reflect on our year of growth, we are humbled by the relationships we have built to achieve this goal.

Celebrating Six People Who Work to Grow the Swim Drink Fish Movement

Nov 7, 2019

By Julia Pepler

Six new ambassadors joined the Swim Drink Fish family in September at our Swim Drink Fish Gala Vancouver 2019. The “Swim Drink Fish Ambassadors” were formally recognized and welcomed to the circle by two of our previous ambassadors, Kevin Lowe and Karen Percy Lowe. We are grateful for their work and dedication to our natural world and we are excited to celebrate them.

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