Read These 7 Books to Connect with Water on a Deeper Level

May 1, 2019

By Julia Pepler

There’s no denying that our team is a passionate group of water nerds. Over the years we have collected a roster of books that help us connect to water, whether we are landlocked and dreaming of open water or craving a good read that motivates us in our mission of swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all. Writing and art provide a powerful connection that teleports us to the water and ignites a passion for protecting our precious resource. The books below helped us connect to Canada’s beautiful water bodies and appreciate just how precious they are, we hope they do the same for you.

Uncovering the Mystery of Vancouver’s Lost Streams

Apr 9, 2019

By Julia Pepler

Recently, I was biking along 6th Avenue when I heard the rushing of water next to a roundabout. I pulled over to confirm that I was indeed hearing water below the street. This piqued my curiosity. When I got home, I began researching the area and learned that it’s home to an underground stream. What is more, I found that there are dozens of streams hidden out of sight and that Vancouver was once home to a thriving population of Pacific Salmon1. But I still had a lot of questions: What effect did these streams have on the environment? Why did the salmon disappear? Can we bring them back and “rewild” Vancouver?

Hidden cameras fight illegal dumping that costs taxpayers millions each year

Mar 29, 2019

Officials dream up new ways to track down people who sully rivers, forests

CBC News, Yvette Brend

The spring melt in B.C. uncovers crocuses — and garbage, by the truckload in some spots.

We’ve removed over 130 tonnes of garbage from the Fraser River, which is HUGE!

Mar 27, 2019

By Julia Pepler

Last Saturday we held the 12th Annual Fraser River Cleanup with Woodtone on the banks of the Fraser River in Chilliwack, our biggest cleanup to date. Thanks to the help of 700 hard-working volunteers we removed 6.5 tonnes of garbage, bringing our total over the past 12 years to 130 tonnes of garbage removed from the Fraser River and its watershed. That’s equivalent to the weight of 98 grizzly bears!

Several tonnes of garbage hauled in during Fraser River Cleanup in Chilliwack

Mar 24, 2019

A total of 700 volunteers flocked to the shores of the Fraser River to help with the cleanup

The Progress, Jenna Huack

Hundreds of people lined the shores of the Fraser River for the 12th annual Fraser River Cleanup on Saturday.

Volunteers assemble by the hundreds to clean up garbage on Fraser River

Mar 23, 2019

Global News, Robyn Crawford

Hundreds of volunteers were busy Saturday at the 12th annual Fraser River clean-up.

Helping hands roll up sleeves, pay it forward at Fraser River cleanup

Mar 23, 2019

About 700 volunteers spent a sunny Saturday collecting garbage on the banks of the Fraser River in Chilliwack

The Vancouver Sun, Glenda Luymes

CHILLIWACK — They came from all over the Lower Mainland, with little in common but a love for the river.

6 Ways to Enjoy the Water this Spring

Mar 20, 2019

Spring has finally started to poke its head out as the days get longer and warmer. Some of the best spots to enjoy BC's sparkling waters are thriving in the springtime. So grab a few cozy layers, sturdy shoes, some snacks and head out for an adventure! If you're at a loss of where to start, here are six ways you can get out on the water near Vancouver this spring.

Fraser River Cleanup hits the hotspots around Chilliwack

Mar 18, 2019

The 12th annual river cleanup is March 23 and the goal is attracting more youth

The Progress, Jennifer Feinberg

Getting young people out to the annual Fraser River cleanup has always been considered as crucial by cleanup organizers Fraser Riverkeeper and Woodtone.

Gill Bar Cleanup

Mar 18, 2019

The Valley Voice, Molly O'Ray

The long-standing tradition of gathering every spring to clean up the Fraser River began back in 2007, with a small group of volunteers and a big love for our salmon and rivers. Fraser Riverkeeper hosted the first cleanup along the Fraser River in Chilliwack, BC and in the 12 years since, they have partnered with local company Woodtone to organize the event

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