Tell Us How You Would End Illegal Dumping in the Valley!

Thanks to local volunteers and community partners, in the past six years Fraser Riverkeeper has cleaned up 39 tonnes of garbage from Gill and Pegleg bars.

28203chilliwackgillbarcleanup.0420.jpgOther First Nations groups, trail and outdoor enthusiasts, and organizations like the Chilliwack Vedder River Cleanup Society have year after year mobilized thousands of volunteers to help clean up after polluters.

Community clean-ups are inspiring and important, and they will continue. But as many of us are aware, illegal dumping near the Fraser River and other wild spaces in the Valley continues to be a huge problem.

Like you, we want to talk about solutions to pollution, not just clean-ups— and kickstart innovative, effective strategies to head off polluters before they dump.

Please take a couple of minutes to fill out the below feedback form and let us know your take on the problem, and possible solutions. Please be specific. In particular it would be most helpful to know:


• What areas on the Fraser or other rivers are you most concerned about in terms of garbage dumping?

• What kind of dumping or pollution have you seen there?

• What solutions do you think would be the most helpful there and/or in other areas? Signage? Surveillance? Gating areas off or using an Island 22 model?

Photo Credit: Jenna Hauck

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