Watermark with Ross Beaty

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Healthy Water Brings a Healthy Lifestyle

As we were gearing up for the Waterkeeper Gala Vancouver last spring I had the opportunity to sit down with Ross Beaty and hear his most powerful memories of water. He admitted that he didn't have just one, but thousands of powerful memories that really demonstrated his deep connection to water. He tells us how important water is to him, his family and the human existence. Hear his story (and learn about his favourite fishing spot) in the video below.


Fraser Riverkeeper has been part of the Watermark Pilot Project for almost a year and I have had the pleasure of hearing water stories from children, paddlers, leaders in business, artists, environmentalists, parents and everyone in between. It has been such an incredible journey and has helped to deepen my connection to water.

The Watermark Project is currently under development at the National Water Centre.

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