Hello. Seabin Seagal here. I am one of the three seabins fighting pollution in False Creek. I live in Sea Village Marina, a private floating community, where residents share the duty of emptying my contents daily. There I sit, sniping styrofoam, karate chopping cigarette butts, and kicking debris out of my home.


Me working hard in Sea Village Marina!

I see the world through tangerine-tinted glasses, y’know, but it’s not always easy. 

In my marina, I have many friends—a seal mother who births pups every year on our docks, my pet, Steven the Seagull.


Some of my super fun friends.

I also have many opponents. Plastic. Pellets. Styrofoam. Bottle caps. Enemies. With my sword—I mean my electric pump and skimming technology—I slay macroplastics and microplastics as small as 2mm.


My delicious contents being sorted, check out all those little bits of plastic I caught!

The source of these plastics are something of a mystery. Plastic pellets come from manufacturing, but there are no such industries near False Creek. Possibly, they come from the Fraser River and get caught up in the flow of waters into False Creek as they head towards the Burrard Inlet


My insides being poured out so they're ready to be characterized during one of FRK's bi-weekly waste characterization sessions! 

Thanks to all the members of the Vancouver Plastic Cleanup Coalition, us three seabins are cutting down on the pollution in False Creek. Our coalition will be adding nine new fighters to our war on plastic over the next few years.

Through the Vancouver Plastic Cleanup, my trash skimming team is making our waterways a cleaner, safer place to be. We are also supporting community science, improving sewage and waste-water infrastructure, and protecting coastal waters in and around Vancouver.

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