We provide free water literacy workshops for schools, community groups, and organizations across Vancouver. Scroll down to learn how to book a water literacy workshop.

What is water literacy?

Water literacy is the knowledge of where your water comes from, how you use and affect the water around you, and can recognize and report threats to swimmable, drinkable, fishable water. 

When you are water literate, you are able to make decisions and choices that protect your waterbody. When you are not water literate, your waterbody is vulnerable.

The average British Columbian doesn't know where they get their drinking water from, how their wastewater is treated, or which the laws protect their waters. They are also unsure of the ways that they can make a tangible difference. Our Water Literacy Program provides free workshops and presentations for the public to engage in applied training and digital tools to conserve, protect, and advocate for water.

Why is water literacy important?

When someone is knowledgeable about their local watersheds they are more empowered to make decisions about their water consumption and have to tools to protect threatened waterways.

We directly address the knowledge gap to foster an interest and passion towards connecting with our waters.

Our water literacy workshops

We provide free workshops for community groups and classrooms in Metro Vancouver. These workshops encourage interactive and engaging discussions catered around Vancouver’s watersheds. Depending on our audience we can cover topics anywhere from a basic understanding of our water cycle to more in-depth information about local water laws and how wastewater is treated. We always discuss how you can conserve water and what actions, big or small, you can take towards protecting our vital life source.

Who we work with

In 2019, we held more than 20 water literacy workshops for schools, water recreation groups and businesses in Metro Vancouver. Our youngest audience members were 5 years old and our largest group had more than 30 attendees. We travelled to almost every corner of the city and also held presentations at our in-house microbiology lab on Granville Island.

Not based in Vancouver?

Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere at any time. However, if you want your community or school group outside of Vancouver to have access to our presentation and resources, we can provide the necessary tools for you to develop and present a water literacy workshop yourself! Please contact us via email and we can help you educate your community from anywhere in the province.

Book a water literacy workshop for your community.

To book a water literacy workshop contact us via email below or call us at 604.674.7444

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