What's New to Swim Guide?

We are now in the heart of summer and swim season is well underway. Every day, more and more Vancouverites are hitting the beaches and getting into the water. How do they know which beaches are nearby and if they’re safe for swimming? For many, the answer is Swim Guide! 

What is Swim Guide?

Swim Guide is a free beach information service created by Swim Drink Fish Canada. Swim Guide started in Lake Ontario and has since expanded to describe beach information and water quality monitoring practices in every province in Canada. It helps you answer the question, “Is it safe to swim here?” by simplifying the most up to date water quality information into an easy-to-understand “pass” or “fail” system. For more information on what the various logos mean, visit the “Help” page at the bottom of the sidebar. 

The Swim Guide app also provides photos and directions to help you find the best places to cool off this summer. The app is available in English, French, and Spanish and offers information on over 7,000 beaches in Canada, the U.S.A., as well as Mexico, the Bahamas, New Zealand, and Australia.

Swim Guide recently hit 2 million all-time users and we are so excited to be part of the Swim Drink Fish movement working to ensure families, friends, and individuals can safely enjoy spending time in amazing waterbodies around the world. 


New Features at Swim Guide

Some new features have been added to the Swim Guide app recentlyto get you outside and into the water! All new features are available in English and French with Spanish coming soon.

1) Beach Survey:  Swim Guide wants to help people bridge the intention-action gap and get them outside and connecting with water. The beach survey is helping us gain an understanding of how we can assist in helping people overcome barriers in getting to the beach.

2) Suggest a beach:  We recently added the suggest a beach   feature, so that the public can request their beach be added when they can't locate their favourite beach.                              


Swim Guide in Vancouver

Get out on the water-- Swim Guide is available at 33 beaches in Vancouver with seven more starting next week. If you’re looking for beach ideas, here are 5 must-see Vancouver beaches you should check out!

Remember, summer happens by the water so whether you’re paddling, swimming, or simply relaxing at the beach, take advantage of the beautiful waters around our city. Stay safe with proper sun protection and the Swim Guide app!

Click here to download the app!

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