This is the first in a series of profiles highlighting Fraser Riverkeeper’s partners helping make a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future for all.

Dentist on Demand is more than just an innovative, convenient, and unique business. It's also operated by people who care about people and the planet. That’s why we’re proud to call them one of our marvellous partners here at Fraser Riverkeeper. Co-Founded by Tyler McClendon and Marc Wagner, Dentist on Demand is a platform that connects the public with dentists that they can trust.

Tyler came up with the idea for Dentist for Demand in 2015. By 2017, Tyler met and partnered with Marc in one of the most Canadian ways possible— chatting in the locker room after a hockey game. Now, just four years later, they have a growing network of dentists and a fantastic platform to support them. They got involved with Swim Drink Fish and Fraser Riverkeeper through the launch of the Vancouver Plastic Cleanup. They were instrumental in getting the project off the ground, and are going to be with us as the project becomes even more extensive, and we get more trash skimmers in the water!


Tyler (left) and Marc (right) at the launch of the Vancouver Plastic Cleanup Project in June

At Fraser Riverkeeper and Swim Drink Fish, we believe that everyone has a connection to water. Our Watermark Project is an ever-growing archive of the ways that Canadians connect with water. It tells the story behind why our work is so important and why we must protect the waters that so many people care about. Our archive of over 1000 watermarks bring people's personal experiences together, proving that local waterways are beloved by Canadians everywhere. Watermarks are also one of our favourite ways to get to know the people that are a part of our movement.

Speaking with Marc and Tyler, it was easy to see that they care about water. Tyler was even wearing a shirt made from recycled plastics pulled from the ocean! Both founders are from BC and have many experiences connecting with the water there. Marc swam competitively, including in several triathlons across the province, while Tyler gets out on the water sailing whenever he can.

Marc’s watermark tells of his love for his competitive swimming and how he hopes that his kids will have the opportunity to swim in the same pristine waters he has.


Marc coming out of Alice Lake in Squamish, BC

"This was a Tri I did a couple years back. I grew up swimming and made it to the national level - Spending 20 years competitive swimming. I grew up spending more hours on the surface than in any other place (I may have gills). I want my kids to have the same opportunity."

-Marc Wagner

Even though Tyler has a history of acting, his commitment to philanthropic endeavours is clear: Dentist on Demand donated over $100,000 to charities in this year alone. That means every time they connect a person with a dentist, not only is the user supporting access to clean water, they are also being connected to dentists that support the Vancouver Plastic Cleanup Initiative. Tyler and Marc’s good deeds don't just stop with us either, as they are dedicated supporters of cancer research.

Within the next few months, they and some of the dentists in the Vancouver area will be joining our team for a waste characterization session to try their hand at community science, so be sure to keep your eyes open on our social media for photos and videos from the session! Our program manager Sadie Caron will also be joining them for an episode of their amazing podcast series, which you can check out to get a sense of just who is behind Dentist on Demand. We think it'll help you see why we like them as much as we do.

To our amazing readers, we'd love it if you gave their service a try! It really does streamline the experience of going to the dentist. You can be sure that you'll be finding a good one, helping us take more pollution out of the ocean, and getting your teeth sparkly clean.

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