Help keep BC's water swimmable, drinkable, and fishable.


Fraser Riverkeeper Volunteer holding beach cleanup tools.


Our volunteers are trained in water quality knowledge and ways to keep beaches clean. They participate in shoreline cleanups and help to keep the public informed about local water quality advisories. Sign up today!

Plastic bottles and debris on a sandy beach.

Report Pollution

Help us keep our province clean and beautiful for everyone! Don't confront illegal dumpers if you catch them in the act, document the incident and report it to proper authorities instead.


Swimmable Vancouver

Help us make Vancouver a Swimmable City! Send a message to local decision makers letting them know you want real-time reporting of Combined Sewer discharges into Burrard Inlet.

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Your donations help us to improve our programs and work with authorities to safeguard public access to swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water in B.C. Every dollar counts!



Our Impact

Garbage removed icon 112

Tonnes of Garbage Removed.


Recreation beachball icon 123,787

Recreational Water Users Protected.


Swimming icon 38,162

Swim Guide Inquiries for B.C in 2016